About IMS

Innovation is the manta.

Innovation is the mantra of our new resolution company comprised of recognized experts in their fields. This new approach facilitates stalemated issues created by unavoidable court delays and we remain here to mediate your settlements. IMS is more cost effective, less emotionally taxing and avoids expensive litigation.

IMS has statewide offices and state of the art live video connections with four separate locations plus the mediator or SKYPE capabilities.  Cost effective INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS are a must in our fast paced technology driven world.  IMS concludes claims and facilitates SOLUTIONS for: medical treatment, opiate maintenance plans, claim values, leases, bankruptcy distribution, banking, commercial transactions, intellectual property, wills, estates, guardianship, MSA reductions, rehabilitation needs, probate, real property, court ordered resolutions, and much more. We also facilitate pre-mediation talks, home visits, and resolution of any issues that get the parties moving forward. We can facilitate a discussion of options to consider pre-mediation. Our neutrals are here to facilitate progress and/or closure.

We utilize our unique qualifications to meet your personalized requests.  You can be assured that our neutral/mediator’s goal is to address your particular issues and facilitate “closure”. We are active practitioners in our specialized fields, yet as mediators, our sole allegiance is to our neutral and impartial role.

We pledge to honor your trust by committing our very best to the mediation process and thereafter should follow-up be in your best interest. We never have the attitude that your conflict cannot be resolved. Our attitude is to find the missing piece for resolution.  The world is changing and the progressive company’s way of doing business is changing with it.  We are here to address issues before they become disputes or to resolve disputes before they become financial and emotional drains.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of mindset must you have for mediation?

    Generally, you must enter into your mediation with the mindset that settlement is a desirable option. Your lawyer serves as

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  • What type of cases work best in mediation?

    Mediators at Innovative Mediation Solutions have seen and worked on just about every case you can imagine. We handle workers

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  • How do you choose a mediator?

    The mediators at IMS bring a wide range of skills and experiences to our company and you should review the

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  • How does a mediation work?

    There are several models that you can choose for your mediation. In a traditional mediation, both parties and their attorneys

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  • What happens if a mediation fails?

    Since mediation is a voluntary process, neither side loses anything but their time if the mediation breaks down. Your mediation

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  • Where do mediations typically break down?

    Our experience has been that mediations can break down when one or both parties approach the mediation session with the

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