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Generally, you must enter into your mediation with the mindset that settlement is a desirable option.  Your lawyer serves as your advocate and he/she will be invested in the strengths of your position.  A mediator approaches the mediation session as a neutral, with no pre-conceived notions or biases.  A good mediator will identify both the strengths and weaknesses of your case and of your opponent’s case, and will diplomatically point out the good and bad to both parties.

You do not have to accept the legitimacy or validity of your opponent’s argument but you need to recognize that the cost, time and uncertainty of protracted litigation is less desirable than a settlement.  In colloquial terms, you don’t want to win the battle but lose the war.

As a mediator, my goal is to help both sides reach an agreement, not to convince one side or the other about the merits of a particular argument.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of mindset must you have for mediation?

    Generally, you must enter into your mediation with the mindset that settlement is a desirable option. Your lawyer serves as

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  • What type of cases work best in mediation?

    Mediators at Innovative Mediation Solutions have seen and worked on just about every case you can imagine. We handle workers

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  • How do you choose a mediator?

    The mediators at IMS bring a wide range of skills and experiences to our company and you should review the

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  • How does a mediation work?

    There are several models that you can choose for your mediation. In a traditional mediation, both parties and their attorneys

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  • What happens if a mediation fails?

    Since mediation is a voluntary process, neither side loses anything but their time if the mediation breaks down. Your mediation

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  • Where do mediations typically break down?

    Our experience has been that mediations can break down when one or both parties approach the mediation session with the

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