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Mr. Bonner is a member of the firm’s Real Estate Practice Group. For almost twenty years, Mr. Bonner has advised clients in all aspects of residential, commercial, agricultural and timberland real estate acquisition and financing. Mr. Bonner has counselled developers, investors, buyers, and sellers in real estate transactions. Mr. Bonner’s clients include numerous banks, mortgage lenders, agricultural lenders, and Small Business Administration lenders in connection with real estate and business transactions.

A substantial portion of Mr. Bonner’s practice involves residential real estate transactions. Mr. Bonner currently serves as the Board Attorney for the Albany Board of Realtors. Mr. Bonner is a frequent speaker at seminars for lenders and realtors on matters involving contracts, closings, and the regulatory framework for residential lending.

Mr. Bonner was born and raised in Forsyth, Georgia. Mr. Bonner is married to the former Jennifer Bateman, of Albany, Georgia, and they have three children.

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    - Douglas Adams

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